Decorative Vases out from Glass Jars

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Decorative Vases out from Glass Jars
Itching to have your hands on decorative vases but are having problems in terms of budget? Then why force yourself to buy these items if you can make them for free? You only need some old glass jars and a little amount of artistry to be able to create such amazing decorative vases that you can use for your home.
If you are fond of buying mayonnaise, pickles or other products being contained on glass jars, then you must have surely saved the glass containers in your basement or garage. If that is the case, then your problems about decorative vases can now be easily solved with the reuse of these jars. With a variety of shapes and sizes of the glass jars, you are given the privilege to create different kinds of decorative vases with different magnitude of artistry and beauty.
For you to be successful in such artistic activity, you need certain tools that can provide you some help when it comes to designing. Different colors of paints, brushes, scissors, ribbons and other decorative materials that are available in your home is very useful for creating decorative vases. The very first step that you should do is to clean the glass jars thoroughly. This cleaning activity includes the removal of labels, dirt and dusts. You may also need to make the glass jars as bright and as shiny as possible in order to obtain the level of satisfaction for your homemade decorative vases. Once you are finished with the cleaning phase, then you are ready to make a set up design for your glass jars.
Creative designing for decorative vases is somewhat easy. With the power of your imagination, you can calmly make a design of your choice. The use of abstraction technique is very popular in most decorative vases and you can freely use it if you want to. If you have some subjects which you can base your design to, then it is still good. As long as you are making these decorative vases for your own sake, then you have the power and privilege to create a design of your liking.
There are two ways that you can design your decorative vases. The first way is to make an outline in a piece of paper where you can draw or paint your desired design for your homemade decorative vase. With this, you can be sure that you will only have a lesser chance of doing any mistake when it comes to the actual painting or drawing on jars. The second way is to directly apply your imagined design to the glass jars with the use of paint. In this manner, you need to have absolute confidence with your artistic skills in order to do the designing job on your homemade decorative vases as clean as possible. Once you have successfully done this, then you are sure to have some astonishing decorative vases that are ready to be displayed and be appreciated by others.
Mastering this kind of activity can also be helpful when it comes to gaining profit. You can have a sideline job with this while having some quality bonding time with your family and friends. This goes to show that owning such decorative vases does not require anyone to spend a big amount of money.

2013-08-14 Decorative Vases out from Glass Jars

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